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July 2017
We are delighted to announce On The Habit of Being Oneself, our first production at Sadler's Wells, by Artistic Director Joe Moran, Thurs 28- Fri 29 September. Read more

June 2017

We are very pleased to present Indefinite Article, a solo by Artistic Director Joe Moran for dancer Andrew Hardwidge, at Whitechapel on Sat 15 July. Read more

March 2017

This Spring, choreographer Joe Moran discusses international dance relations and exchange at Dance4's NottDance festival (9 Mar) and joins choreographers Jonathan Burrows and Dan Daw and theorist Bojana Kunst to discuss dance and politics for Inventur 2 at Tanzhaus NRW, Dusselford (1-3 June).

January 2017

Artistic Director Joe Moran joins visual artist Eva Rothschild at The New Art Gallery Walsall, where he will present his durational performance work Singular within Rothschild's current exhibition, Alternative to Power. Read more

December 2016

Thank you to the many partners, supporters, artists and audiences who participated in our two-year research project, Why Everyone Wants What We've Got. An online publication collating documentation from the entire project will be available in Spring 2017. Read more

October 2016

Why Everyone Wants What We've Got
culminates with a Dance Critical Theory public workshop led by dramaturge Martin Hargreaves at Chisenhale Dance Space, 8- 9 October. Read more

September 2016

This month, Artistic Director Joe Moran is in residence at TripSpace. He offers open morning class, will be joined in conversation by Jonathan Burrows and continues research for On The Habit of Being Oneself that will premiere in 2017. Read more

August 2016

Our pioneering work taking dance into health contexts continues in London and the South East, and rural settings across North and North East England. Some of our recent dance-in-health projects may be viewed online here.


On The Habit of Being Oneself
Photography: David Edwards