On the condition of dance
Marten Spångberg: workshop and performance

Chisenhale Dance Space, London

Performance: Fri 3 July, 7pm 
Workshop: Sat 4 - Sun 5 July, 11am-6pm

Joe Moran (UK) invites fellow choreographer Mårten Spångberg (Sweden) to London to lead an artist workshop and present the UK premiere of his solo, Powered by Emotion.

On the condition of dance (2015 and into the future)
Sat 4 - Sun 5 July, 11am-6pm

Mårten Spångberg, the 'bad boy of contemporary dance' (The Guardian), the leads a weekend workshop as part of choreographer Joe Moran’s research project, Why Everyone Wants What We’ve Got. Integrating studio practice, conversation and theory, the workshop is an opportunity to think together about the possibilities and location of contemporary aesthetic experience. 

‘Full workshop days, on contemporary aesthetic experience, it’s possibility and location in contemporary dance and the museum meets dance, occasion, occupation object. Studio theory, practice meets thinking together’ - Mårten Spångberg 

Workshop places are offered by application. To apply please send a short statement outlining your practice and interest in the workshop to info@joemorandance.com 

Application dates: 
Applications open – Monday 1 June 
Application deadline – Monday 22 June 

£80 – Funded places 
£60 – Independent/ self-employed/ concessions 



Powered by Emotion
Fri 3 July, 7pm

Powered by Emotion is a 45-minute solo created and performed by Mårten Spångberg. It originated from a desire to dance and sing without having access to skill and technical capacity in relationship to the production of, on the one hand, territory and, on the other, perhaps more tangible, notions of identity and belonging.

Starting with an interest between territory and political potentiality, the choreographer explores two over-determined artistic materials Walter Verdin's film of Steve Paxton's dance to J.S. Bach's Goldberg Variations and the songs of Buena Vista Social Club. Through the performers inability and nonplussed relation to the material it appears that the spectator is urged to reconsider a politics of aesthetics. What we see and hear both is and isn't Stave Paxton dancing and Buena Vista Social Club voicing sentimental love.

Powered by Emotion is utter artificiality in its most natural form. The performance is followed by short conversation between Spångberg and Joe Moran ‘on the condition of dance, 2015 and into the future’

Performance bookings: 
To book please call Chisenhale Dance Space on 020 8981 6617

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On the condition of dance is supported by Chisenhale Dance Space Allotment programme – nurturing projects where artists take the lead, and curated and produced by Joe Moran/Dance Art Foundation. Images courtesy of Mårten Spångberg.