Recent events

Joe Moran & Jonathan Burrows
In conversation
Trip Space
26 Sept 2016 | Read more

Image: Jonathan Burrows, photography: Herman Sorgeloos.

Joe Moran Trip Space Residency
Open morning class - Conversation - Research
Trip Space
26- 29 Sept 2016 | Read more

Image:On the Habit of Being Onesely
by Joe Moran, in development at Delfina Foundation

Hysterical Seduction
On Camp, Duplicity and Quotation

DCTG public workshop with Martin Hargreaves

Chisenhale Dance Space
8- 9 Oct 2016 | Read more

Image: Tragic Stage by Pablo Bronstein. ICA, London. Photography: Steve White


Dance Critical Theory Group
Toynbee Studios, London
Nov 2015 - Dec 2016 | Read more

Image: Splendour by Stina Nyberg, presented by Dance Art Foundation at DRAF, Sept 2015. Photography: Casper Hedberg

Why Everyone Wants What We've Got
Joe Moran research project

Feb 2015 - Oct 2016 | Read more

Image: Continuous Score, Joe Moran, photography: Jesus Ubera Biedma

Live Creations
Joe Moran
Performance-based exhibition
Delfina Foundation
23 - 26 June 2016
| Read more

Image: Arrangement,
Joe Moran, photography: David Edwards

The Sissy's Progress

Nando Messias
UK national tour
Nove 2015 - Mar 2016 | Read more

Image: The Sissy's Progress, Nando Messias,
photography: Lorendana Denicola

Stina Nyberg
DRAF (David Roberts Art Foundation), London

[Why Everyone Wants What We Got research]
25 Sept 2015 | Read more

Image: Splendour, Stina Nyberg, photography: Casper Hedberg

On the condition of dance
Marten Spångberg: workshop and performance

Chisenhale Dance Space, London
[Why Everyone Wants What We Got research]

3-5 July 2015 | Read more

Image: Marten Spångberg
, courtesy of the artist

Joe Moran & Eva Rothschild
Nottingham Contemporary
Dance4: A Place to Dance

[Why Everyone Wants What We Got research]
18 June 2015
| Read more

Image: A Setup, Eva Rothschild & Joe Moran, photography: Sylvain Deleu

A Setup

Eva Rothschild & Joe Moran

Block Universe and Fig-2 at ICA, London
8-14 June 2015
| Read more

Image: XXX, Eva Rothschild, courtesy of the artist