Dance Critical Theory Group
2015-2016 Season
Guest Cuator: Jane Frances Dunlop
November 2015 - December 2016
Toynbee Studios, London

The first Dance Critical Theory Group Public Workshop with Martin Hargreaves takes place Sat 8 - Sun 9 October | Read more

Dance Critical Theory Group
 (DCTG) contiues this autumn curated by guest artist Jane Frances Dunlop.

by Stina Nyberg, presented by Dance Art Foundation at DRAF, Sept 2015
Photography: Casper Hedberg

What it is
DCTG bring
s together independent artists and researchers to consider critical theory in relation to contemporary dance practice and locate artistic practice within contemporary critical frameworks. The group is curated by its members and valued as an informal, collegial space for engagement in critical discourse outside academia.

DCTG was convened by a group of peers in 2008 and expanded to be open by application in 2013. It is organised by choreographer Joe Moran through his organisation Dance Art Foundation.

How it works

DCTG operates as self-organising and self-funding reading group meeting on the second or third Monday of the month, 7-9pm. There are two four-month seasons per year (spring/ autumn). Members commit to agreed periods and prioritise attending meetings.

The upcoming seasons will be November 2015 – February 2016 and September - December 2016. 12-14 individuals participate per season, open first to past members and then those new to the group by application. At the end of each season, members review whether they wish to continue for the following period.

Seasone One: Autumn-Spring 2015-16

Monday 16 Nov (third Monday)
Monday 14 Dec (second Monday due to Christmas)
Monday 18 Jan (third Monday)
Monday 22 Feb (third Monday)

Season Two: Autumn 2016
Monday 19 Sept (third Monday)
Monday 10 Oct (second Monday)

Monday 14 Nov (second Monday)
Monday 12 Dec (second Monday)

2015-16 Guest Curation

Jane Frances Dunlop is a London-based performance artist and writer. She is currently researching a PhD at the University of Brighton focused on online sites of performance. Her curation will focus on structures and experiences of relation. 

Funding and contributions

DCTG is self-funded through members’ contributions. £20 contributions per member are payable prior to the start of each season. This covers venue hire and any administrative costs incurred by the group.

If you are interested to join the group for upcoming seasons, please submit an expression of interest (up to 300 words) with a short biography (up to 150 words) by email.


Recent DCTG guest curators/seasons

Jane Frances Dunlop
2015-2016 seasons

Andrew Hardwidge
2015 season one

Hamish MacPherson
2014 season two

Stella Dimitrakopoulou
2014 season one
Dance practices: Temporalities and Spatialities

Antje Hildebrandt

2013 season two
Collaborators, Participants, Documents, Objects: Choreography as Expanded Practice

Noyale Colin
2013 season one
Philosophy, Labour and the Choreographic Field


Dance Critical Theory Group is a self-organising and self-funding group, curated by its members and organised by choreographer Joe Moran through his organsation Dance Art Foundation.